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Our Corporate Finance Services

Our specialist areas of expertise include capital structuring, cross-border M&A transactions, joint ventures, and capital raising from the late seed stage to initial public offerings.​ Our ethos is to deliver honest and robust advice to our clients regardless of the fee potential of specific transaction outcomes. 


Security token advisory

We provide structuring and capital advisory services for security token offerings (STOs). As part of our fundamental work with clients, we assist in identifying to which extent an STO is a suitable route for clients.

Capital raising

We assist in capital raising by means of traditional equity raising and debt issuance via direct private placements, syndication to broker-dealers, crowdfunding, and public offerings. 

Mergers & acquisitions

We specialize in executing M&A sell-side and buy-side mandates which require specific expertise in fintech, decentralized finance or distributed ledger technology (cross-sector).

Security Token Advisory

We assist issuers throughout all preparatory phases of planned security token offerings. Issuers who qualify to become clients of 01 Capital can opt to received advice specific to individual phases or let us carry out the structuring of the STO end-to-end.

Suitability review

The potential success of any STO depends ultimately on factors such as the quality of the issuer, its business plan, its capital structure, and the investor risk/return proposition. Also whether or not an STO should be chosen over other routes to raising capital will depend on a number of factors that require careful consideration. We, therefore, offer clients a path to better understand what to consider before embarking on an STO.

Fundamental preparation

We assist with the careful preparation required in any envisaged capital raise, including the preparation of virtual data rooms, white papers, business plans and investor presentations which are to the standard required for financial promotions.

Capital structuring & valuation

It is critical for issuers to ensure any capital structure forming part of a capital raise does not impede its future financial and strategic flexibility. At the same time, the structure of a capital raise and valuation expectations must consider investor expectations and be suitable for the issuer's sector and stage of maturity. We provide capital structuring and valuation advice that balances real-world expectations with the need for financial innovation.

Demand and distribution analysis

There is a universe of natural investors and distribution channels for any given issuer maturity stage, subsector, and issuance mechanism which needs to be identified in advance of any capital raise. We assist clients with mapping potential demand and routes to market.

Issuance platforms, listing venues and legal

The choice of issuance platform can depend on the ultimate intended venue(s) for the STO listing which in turn needs to be considered with the target investors in mind. The choice of jurisdiction for the STO will, in turn, drive the choice of law firms. We assist clients in evaluating appropriate options for obtaining best practice legal advisory.

Capital Raising

We can assist with traditional capital raisings either directly, through syndication, or through platforms. We have experience ranging from seed financing to pre-IPO placement across the capital structure including equity, debt, and hybrid instruments such as convertibles. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

We execute complex sell-side, buy-side and joint venture advisory mandates for clients operating traditional tech firms or decentralized networks. Our ethos is to operate with the highest level of investment banking discipline to deliver well structured and transparent processes for our clients.

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We welcome an open discussion with any potential future clients regarding their objectives and how we could be of assistance. Please get in touch with us for an introductory call and to receive additional information, or please visit the FAQ section of our website.