What can I expect in terms of quality of work?

You can expect the same quality of work as out of a Tier 1 investment bank. We never compromise on deliverables. Our clients should always think that what we produce for them is the best work they have ever seen.

How much do you charge for your services?

That depends on the work we carry out for you. If you reach out to us we will be able to send you a pricing sheet. We do have different pricing schedules depending on the stage of maturity of your company.


What types of clients do you onboard?

Tech and fintech companies as well as decentralized networks. We also onboard traditional firms who look to work with us on blockchain and decentralization or who look to issue capital in tokenized form. All clients must pass our onboarding process which includes KYC and AML checks.


Do you raise funds for clients on a success-only fee basis?


No. Fundraising takes a lot of time, effort and preparation where clients almost invariable need input and help with documentation which needs to be to financial promotion standards. Fundraising is also a joint effort where risk and rewards need to be aligned between the parties involved and we would run the risk of fronting significant costs unless fees were charged in the form of work fees or retainers (please ask for our pricing schedule).


Do you raise funds in exchange for equity or tokens?


Yes. In exceptional circumstances and depending on other projects we have on.


How do I know a fundraise will be successful?


There is no way to guarantee the success of a fundraise, but we can offer full transparency on investor dialogue. We will also pre-agree the minimum number of investors we will reach out to. Typically, we also carry out a demand and distribution analysis before any capital raise.


Do you work with any partner firms?


Yes, but unlike other advisory firms, we do not advertise them on our website. We work with various investors, distributors, broker-dealers, exchanges, banks, issuance platforms, custodians, law firms and other parties. We manage conflicts so that any existing partnership never supersedes our clients’ interests.

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