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    Token Economics

    Though centralized systems benefit from a high degree of organizational efficiency due to their top-down nature, their users are less loyal and incentives are less aligned than in well designed decentralized reward-based systems. Our token economics experts have worked on numerous decentralized projects and are well placed to assist projects in structuring decentralized economic models and tokens that drive network value. 

    As part of our offering to clients, we undertake to review token models and restructure or design tokens to standards where network value capture can be identified and modeled.

    Token model review

    A project’s token model plays a crucial role as it represents the rules of a decentralized system. We help clients understand how their token models can drive greater network value.

    Token design

    Tokens represent entirely new instruments with their own characteristics, use cases and value capture mechanisms. A well-designed token should align incentives between stakeholders, incentivize adoption and promote loyalty. We aid in designing tokens that can achieve these objectives and assist in creating corresponding valuation frameworks.

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